Talal Kurdi Consultants(TKC) was established by Arch. Talal M. K. Kurdi as an Architectural and Engineering firm in Jeddah thirty five years ago.

We have been offering remarkable consultative and architectural services for public and private buildings in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Our main concept for development of architectural, ideas consists of two objectives: to combine both traditional and modern styles of Architecture and to keep pace with the remarkable architectural developments in recent years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our integrated services:

Architectural Design, Engineering Design, Projects Management, Construction Supervision, Urban Planning & Landscaping, Real Estate Development, Interior Design



Provide architectural services sympathetic to local and regional requirements but also reach out to the most sophisticated and demanding international levels for all types of architectural design, planning and engineering opportunities.


To establish the highest level of professional creativity and services that can compare and compete with the world’s best.


  • We Commit to uphold the standards of business and professional ethics.
  • We Connect people and place from broad range of disciplines with ideas that come from different backgrounds and imaginations.
  • We Care about serving our clients, positively impacting lives, improving and transforming communities and make the world a better place.

CEO's Message

"While we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the establishment of our headquarters in Jeddah, it gives me the honor to preview our long list of fine and remarkable architectural accomplishments. Mature ideas and a refined sense have characterized the planning and implementation ofthese projects, reflecting the spirit of our deeply-rooted cultural heritage with an added touch of novelty and technology.

This has been our primary target since the very beginning. Thanks to the hard and faithful efforts of our people from different ethnic backgrounds who helped craft our vision, creating a family atmosphere which enabled us to set, achieve, and accomplish what we have today.

Our vision is to create and transform surroundings into an elegant architectural masterpiece by adhering to three main principles:  

Values, as we should never forget our roots. 
Quality, as it is the sole way to ascent and be successful. Finally,
Novelty, since it constitutes of our present and forthcoming future.

This vision framed our mission and guided our success”

Arch. Talal M.K. Kurdi